02.06.2018 Offenes Neukölln – Mike Hembury: „New Clone City“

Offenes Neukölln Festival

02 June 2018,  Saturday – 7 pm

Limited-seating (admission is on a first-come, first-served basis)


Author Mike Hembury will be reading at BuchHafen from his recently published novel New Clone City, published by The Wild Word. Part cyberpunk, part literary fiction, part thriller it is a beatnik homage to contemporary Neukölln transported to the slipstream anglosphere. English-language readings will be interspersed with live Turkish tunes, with the fabulous Sara Altun on vocals, the inimitable Jenka Bühler on saxophone, and Mike on guitar.

„A blend of cyberpunk, literary prose and thrilling mystery, New Clone City tells the story of a down-at-heel metropolis, poor and sexy like the city it’s rooted in. A melting pot of tribes, technology, poverty, and chaos. New Clone City is a rollicking compulsive read, as queer and captivating as its inhabitants. This is a slipstream world where a refugee crisis looms, the environment is in chaos, and an authoritarian political movement threatens the very fabric of the city. These dark forces battle a colourful cast of heroes, from anarchist rednecks to gender-bending sex workers. Mike Hembury’s prose is urgent, sexy and ‚unprecedented.‘  Sharp and poetic, compelling and passionate, the political and environmental themes resonate for these troubling times.  This is a novel to be read today“ (The Wild Word, 2018).

More info on the book can be found here and the festival page is here.

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